Curriculumn Vitae

Hörmetjan Yiltiz

Contact Information

Research Interest

Seeing is believing? What if touching makes more sense? I am doing psycho-physics experiment using a computer screen, a stereoscope, a pair of of pedals and a pair of tappers that tap on each of your hand as the corresponding foot of the person’s (point light walker or PLW, is the term used) on the screen touches the ground, while through a stereoscope you can only see one of the two point light walkers on the screen walking in the different direction. With this paradigm, we can see if the touch you feel on your hand has altered your visual perception.

Education Background

  • 2010 ~ Present: Bachelor of Science, Department of Psychology, Peking University

Professional Experience

Currently I am in the Center for Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Department of Psychology, Peking University. I do plenty experiments when the program is ready, most of whose is written with the help of Psychtoolbox.

I am also the secretary of the Balance Theory Research Center, Peking University. We specify philosophy as lifestyle, and take an approach similar to Traditional Chinese Yin-Yang theories, but not the same, where keeping balance in all the aspects of life is not as emphasized as we do.

Free Software Projects


A project aimed at gaining free access (free meaning not restricted) providing ipv6 addressees to some famous hostnames, which was blocked for some reasons in some countries.

Point Light Walker

The official development repository for libraries for Point Light Walker displays using Psychtoolbox for Psychophysics research.


A easy and straightforward self-hosting music-box service

Other Work Experience

Oct 2012 - present:

  • Lab Assistant at Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science

Computer Skills

I quite appreciate innovative works or, at least, work that an ordinary computer is unable to do it by itself. To do so, I let most of my work done via programming, so that I do not have to do the same thing for a second time.

Another reason for my passion in programming is that, what I love is NOT programming. The fun in programming is not in programming itself, but the idea that by writing a program, we are describing, and sometimes even revealing, how the world rounds. Yes, by some means, that is mostly what mathematicians, psysicists and philosophers are trying to do with different approaches.

Here are some softwares I like and use most of the time: