He Walks An Hour For Each Meal!

It has been a long time since he called me last time, and longer since we last met.

He was a good friend in high school. He has acute perspective to art, and with his beautiful drawings and guitar, he has always proving that. And he knows how and when to express sympathy towards peopling around him, and when necessary, reach out a helping hand. I always appreciated him.

Isn't he cool!

He applied the Sci-Tech University of China and I kind of influenced his choice here, mostly because I was not able to go to the University myself. And I was quite glad that he made it.

But we did not keep close contact since he went to the University. And I was wondering why. Recently I heard that the food offered in the University is very poor for Muslims. I felt very bad and more than sorry for him then.

Surprisingly he called yesterday morning. As we were talking, he told me we was just walking to a restaurant for a meal. And he has to walk there every day for every meal, unless we prepares his supper during lunchtime. This is normal for most people. What is not normal, is that it takes him one hour to walk over there! And half an hour by bike.

I guess I will never be able to find a reason for not having a meal, and I will try to have three meal a day. Thankee buddy!

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